Holy Days

we sprinkle cornmeal
feed the spirits of the land
listen to their hum
For all the Saints
not knowing it’s a pagan thing
congregations sing
family altars
petals, food, incense, and more
call ancestors home
big bonfires blaze
we and witches make merry
Samhain is here
don your masks tonight
have courage to cross over
the veil is thin
we will fly like leaves
dance wildly with the moon
as we mount our brooms
there are no dead
on the Day of the Dead


  1. Shane Sattler30/10/09

    Holy days indeed. We fly like leaves on the wind. I like that!

  2. Anonymous1/11/09

    There are no dead on the day of the dead, I know because I danced with them last night under the moon, dog watching,as we swayed. Beautiful reminder, Sharon.



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