honoring George Lorca’s ballad I Want You Green

Friend, I tell you
one night in dreamland
I heard a voice say clearly,
 We will resolve all things
in shades of blue.
Another time I saw
a plane part a sapphire midnight
to slip out of view
and knew I would do that too
when I am no more this she
and new horizons beckon me
to pass through portals
not really clouds and sky
no time to wonder where or why.

Though my heart has splintered
many times, piled in a heap
then it shall be shiny whole
for my true self
is home in ethers blue.

Blue, how I do love you, blue.
Blue sky. Blue flowers.
Blue marble floating in space
and as lake upon the land.
I carry you within my heart
In memory and now,
blue eyes, blue dress,
patches of prairie sky,
periwinkle,  azure,
each brings joy to me.
Blue, how I do love you blue
Your sweet vibration.
has sustained me
in lovely harmony
during this long lonely visit
to earth
You are my companion,
a kaleidoscope of jewels,
brilliant in time.
Blue, how I do love you, blue.
Blue sky. Blue flowers.
Blue marble floating in space
and as lake upon the land.

Blue, I love you, blue.
Blue sky. Blue flowers.
Blue marble in space
and as lake upon the land.
I carry you in my heart
In memory and now,
blue eyes, blue dress,
patches of prairie sky.
Blue, I love you blue
On sea or land every
periwinkle,  azure,
each offer joy to me.

Blue, I love you blue,
blue sky, blue flowers.
I find comfort
and harmony
in your sweet vibration.
during this long lonely visit
my visit to the earth
made lovely by you and them.
You are my companion,
jewels brilliant in time.

Blue, I love you, blue.
Blue sky. Blue flowers.
Blue marble float in space

and as lake upon the land.



I love  stones. I used to sit with my father and hold one  after another of the stunning stones he had cut and tumbled. Or look at larger uncut offerings of jade, tiger eye, opal, petrified wood, shaman stones.

STONE SPEAK book and oracle cards are designed to be part of your spiritual practice.  You might use the book on its own, reading it in order from front to back. Or you might let it fall open to whichever page seems destined for you that day. The book is a companion to the cards. I usually draw a card each morning to ask for wisdom for that day. Or, I might draw one for information about a particular challenge.

The book is 168 pages and is small, so as to be accessible in your purse, pocket, or briefcase. I hope it will be well worn and tattered, like the Velveteen Rabbit. Your spiritual practice might involve stating an intention for yourself as you shuffle the cards, then draw one. Meditate on its image to discern its message. Then open the book to its corresponding page for further insight on your intention.

 The sets will be available on
Sept 1 at the Joyful Jewel in
Pittsboro or from me personally.


Downloading Dad

Day One
morning walk
in the medicine wheel
I’m visited with regrets
stopped in my tracks
as if Dad has put
his hands on my shoulders

Sharon, you didn’t hurt me at all.
You don’t know what I know now. No one hurts me. Or you. It’s just a way we humans experience the personalities of others but I tell you, no one truly hurts you. You’d do well not to imagine they can.

I kind of see his location in ethers
in a far far different place than human realm. Please Dad, tell me more as you are ready.

I go in the house
lie down
journey into Spirit world
told to begin
two weeks downloading [i]

upper realms open
as if a moving walkway
carries me through vapors
to Land Beyond Death
place of all that ever was, is, will be
a sphere that surrounds all multiverses
holds records
offers reunion
rather reveals Union
of those who pass in and out
of these ethers

no time no space here
a continuum
beyond death
before life
before death
after life

where I gaze
is where I go
today toward father
still arriving here
in a contrail
trails of glory[ii]
some say

his landing
evokes mine
mine within
his there
in one long stream
he no more there
than I am here
no here or there
this godstuff

we can’t be separated
except by our imagination

I am carried in an unceasing loop
into eternal realm
u-turn  ‘back’
into earth plane
into my bodythrough my third eye
spreads throughout form of me
passes out through solar plexus
courses back ‘up’ into ethers
all the way to Dadland
endless loop
almost merciless
I can't get off
metaphorical  hoop
a band of energy
always flows between worlds
I am in both destinations
at once
I am going to be elsewhere
but after all
elsewhere is everywhere.

*from heaven, the other side, collective unconscious, nirvana, akashic records,

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:
The Soul that rises with us, our life's Star,
        Hath had elsewhere its setting,
          And cometh from afar:
        Not in entire forgetfulness,
        And not in utter nakedness,
But trailing clouds of glory do we come
        From God, who is our home:
Heaven lies about us in our infancy!  Wordsworth




five wise women
maybe six
walk slowly
across the horizon
a midnight landscape
lit by one star

guided by white owls
led by an incurable Call
to a Medicine Man
who holds Time
in his hands
ready to offer
an altered perception
or is it an altar
to live differently

each female figure
bears a gift
wrapped in gold
the box holds a vessel
which brims
with bubbling, fermenting,
fizzing, sparkling time

the wise women slowly
reach the wise man
in an inn of dazzling light
and animal scat
the Medicine Man
who knows
about Incarnate Being
holds a medicine bag
for each person who finds him
to reward her search
and offer  a pouch
full of remedies
maybe magic
to heal bondage to time
and initiation into

each journeyer
receives calibration
to the underlying rhythm
that suits her days
to move in the world
and be in the day
a liturgical way

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