to develop intuition and bring blessing to your day

stones speak in silence,
secret stories, songs and codes
until we listen

I love rocks. I used to sit with my father and hold one after the other of the stunning stones he had cut and tumbled. Or look at larger uncut offerings of jade, tiger eye, opal, petrified wood, shaman stones. I am privileged to have many of them in my home now. Running my hands through bowls of small stones offers a sound and touch that is soothing. As a shamanic practitioner, I learned long ago to see the portals in nature that invite us into a spiritual landscape.

STONE SPEAK  book and oracle cards are designed to be part of your spiritual practice.  You might use the book on its own, reading it in order from front to back. Or you might let it fall open to whichever page seems destined for you that day. The book is a companion to the Cards.  I usually draw a card each morning to ask for wisdom for that day. Or, I might draw one for information about a particular challenge.

STONE SPEAK  is  168 pages long, but a small book which can fit in your purse, pocket or briefcase. It is an inspirational book designed to be accessible. I hope it will become an old friend, worn and tattered like the Velveteen Rabbit!
 Panda, Obsidian Shaman, and Sea Creature and examples of the spirit guides you will find in the GUIDES section. In your spiritual practice you will be encouraged to state a simple intention for yourself, then draw a card and meditate on its message for you, then open the book to a corresponding page for further insight.

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