five wise women
maybe six
walk slowly
across the horizon
a midnight landscape
lit by one star

guided by white owls
led by an incurable Call
to a Medicine Man
who holds Time
in his hands
ready to offer
an altered perception
or is it an altar
to live differently

each female figure
bears a gift
wrapped in gold
the box holds a vessel
which brims
with bubbling, fermenting,
fizzing, sparkling time

the wise women slowly
reach the wise man
in an inn of dazzling light
and animal scat
the Medicine Man
who knows
about Incarnate Being
holds a medicine bag
for each person who finds him
to reward her search
and offer  a pouch
full of remedies
maybe magic
to heal bondage to time
and initiation into

each journeyer
receives calibration
to the underlying rhythm
that suits her days
to move in the world
and be in the day
a liturgical way

1 comment:

  1. Quite the gift, that of time, or perhaps better described as timeless time away from time. Liturgical -- for you this day (and with grace, many more)


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