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Initiation: Broken into Beauty

Poetry and Image of a twelve year journey 
in the spiritual landscape and natural world



the first night
under clear sky  
more than millions of stars
one shoots into me
singing You are a constellation
and I tell you I light up
join a thousand connect-the-dots
as a beautiful component on a grid
of humanity and all living creatures
and somehow know our individual
lights are songs and we are as much
composition as constellation

little bus carries a motley crew
from Monterey to Esalen
through pounding rain
heavy winds
mud slides
around sharp curves
up and down hills
over high bridges
into the dark
to meet more questers of vision

Boulder Creek flows
toward ocean
rises in mist
falls as snow
rain in summer
joins rivers
makes lakes
I better

hours of dancing and drumming
bring darkness   wildness   waves of energy
we approach the flames
throw in memories and mementos
back away from the heat
not miss a beat on goatskin and cedar
nor slight the old ones swaying along
hooting and hollering at our release    

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous18/8/13

    I drink these images.
    The eye is a funnel in reverse,
    is a siphon sipping stone and clay
    into the whole of me
    Where my skin softens
    and i am filled out,
    sitting in comfort on solid ground;
    then the words come
    and finish me off.
    I am here.



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