I am grandmother of goddesses
grandmother beyond Hestia, Freya,
Spider Woman, Setting Sun Woman,
Persephone, Aphrodite, others
I am She who grandmothers
the One you know as Mary
and her mother Anne
forebear of the Shaman Jesus
I am grandmother of the 13 grandmothers
I am Grandmother of the Beloved
I am nameless as is your path

I want to speak to you
I want to speak through you
I have much to tell you
I want to line your ears with wisdom
I want to write on the walls of your heart
You are my darlings

I know all things you need
and create them with my loom
that you may wear them as words
or grace notes or equations
I will help you.
I will incarnate in your work
I will serve others through your voice
I will be all you need me to be

Daughters and sons,
you are my darlings
as if borne my own grandchildren
I was present at your birth with quaking delight
singing you in
with all ancestors who attend you.

I am the Lady of the Day
who watches you be washed by rain
and I scrub you with my light.
I offer my ample body
feed you figs and fruit

I am the Lady of the Night
who brings you dreams
and drains your mind
of unnecessary rumination
for necessary lumination

I am She who holds you hostage
stilling your bones
settling your soul
and when you return my gaze
you are set free

Long ago in the Land of Creation
the Fireplace from which worlds are born
I emerged from a long slow combustion
to bring that sacred fire
into goddesses and grandmothers
who hold powers
make magic
be warriors that stand out
from the collective
to see and be the connection
between this Divine Wisdom
and a world in need
so many said yes--
Athena, Demeter, Kali, Wakan Tanka,
left lanterns on the path
so you too could pause to hear
my voice in a time where voices
love drama and distraction

I am Grandmother of goddesses
I am here to stir you in my cauldron
to mix the stars and mud of you
so you have self and knowledge as never before
which will be needed in the coming years
and bring peace to human tears

I am a kiva
I am the cauldron of the earth
I am the core chakra of the planet
I am a terra cotta campfire

Tend your own cauldrons
the earth body that you are
the core chakra of you
the divine spark within
Take back your assignment
to be caretaker of creation

I am Grandmother of Goddesses
Grandmother of Goddesses
you may call me Gog

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  1. Anonymous5/9/10

    This poem speaks to me as no other has...it calls me to go forward ... for time is short indeed!


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