Hello Norway!
You are invited
to a  party of Luminators
come empty handed
leave with a full heart
luminate with others
if you can bear all the Shine
Welcome....Lundamo, Sor-Trondelag, Cary, Boston, Honolulu, Bemidji, Pittsboro, Duluth, Devils Lake, Santa Fe, Belcourt, Rolla, Rugby, Raleigh, Union, Bridgewater, Minneapolis, Nova Scotia, Cambridge, Saddle Brook, Pikeville, Pulaski, Arlington, Amherst, Hoboken, Winter Park, Sarasota, Staten Island, Ridgewood, Monmouth, Ridgewood, Union, Charlotte, Asheville, Jacksonville, Nashville, Durham, Memphis, Seattle
and other rooms in the Inn
where a loaf of bread,
a jug of poetry and a
bouquet of flowers
are offered you.

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