They have heard the call for assembly, 
a soft bell echoing since the big bang of creation. 
They come from the four directions...

   from the East:
leaping lizards, chattering monkeys, grandmother elephants, lopsided camels, lions, tigers, bearded gnus, gliding eagles, panda bears, eight parrots, hopping bunnies, red headed woodpecker, yaks, giraffe
   from the South:
coati, monarchs, warblers, shy turtles, dancing rhino, dolphin, dragonfly damsels, grasshoppers, jaguar, buffalo shrimp, spotted snakes, zigzagging seahorses, flamingos
   from the West:
worms, wombats en masse, buffalo, chipmunks, chickadees, panther,wild horses, rooster, quail, serenading coyote, passenger pigeons, wandering wildabeasts, brown bear, elk, antelope, dragon, wild geese, wild turkeys, pheasant, prairie dogs
   from the North:
penguins, owls, otters, polar bears, bluebirds, hawk, heron, crawling baby newts, reindeer, mountain goats, cats, dogs, loon, unicorn, mourning doves, white fox, moose,
           humans and all other beings
                    make music and dance
                              from here to invisible spheres

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