The Beloved builds the holy city; 
   we tear it down.
The Beloved binds wounds of the people; 
   we inflict pain.
The Beloved heals broken hearts;
   we break them.
The Beloved names all the stars; 
   we sell them for certificates.
The Beloved brings rain and green; 
   we create flood and litter.
The Beloved grows farms and food; 
   we make waste and hoard.
The Beloved makes peace at our borders; 
   we break treaties.
The Beloved gives snow and ice; 
   we make our own for money.
The Beloved is the Word bearing words; 
   we listen or not.

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  1. This Psalm reflects the heaviness in my heart over the environmental devastation of our beautiful planet and its creatures--particularly at this moment, the Gulf. So many layers of greed and evil brought us this toxic black river gushing into the once-blue domain of dolphins and turtles. I am sickened, saddened, and I pray.


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