My soul seeks sanctuary.
My Beloved
always has the door of the tent open.
always invites me in
always gives me milk and honey.
No harm can reach me here.
In the I of any storm I am safe.

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  1. Anonymous3/3/10

    Sharon, I continue to be in awe of "Luminations." We are indeed "in shared sacred space...". I have, on several occassions, gotton out my Bible collection to look at a corresponding number (i.e., #56). I am struck with the "warlike/ememy nature" of so many of the Bible's Psalms. I had forgotton... You have moved past these societal references/influences to bring to us visions that reflect the developmental, or evolutionary potential, of worship-via-poetry.
    I have but one "evolotionary" suggestion: Holding in consciousness that diety-is-within, I think that profound "crack in the cosmic egg" will greatly influence the poetry that is springing forward. {for example, the last line in #60)


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