You have my back;
You go behind me, before me, beside me,
within me,
for I am aligned with You,
body and soul.
My lesser parts seek release
like chaff in the wind.
My better parts are nudged
by the angels.
Dark energies would ensnare me but cannot
for I am not weak or needy
with You in my bones.
My own voices of self-mocking
have been as gnashing teeth;
manipulation and misunderstanding of others
gnawed at me.
Yet, these attackers, like lions
within and without,
have been transformed into a Great Lion
who is my Protector.

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  1. How does it happen that my skulking inner lions-- ferocious, fully of folly & festering foibles--are transformed by Spirit's sacred alchemy to a Great Lion, my Strength and Protector? Surely this is beyond my understanding. But I give thanks for this wonderful mystery that heals me...then and now and in days to come.


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