I sing new songs
play more music
clap hands and shout
until Breath
breaks the container of who I am
to make me more
of Who I Am
recalibrated to be voice to Your Word
which was stored in bottles
as improbable as the ocean corked
in a container……..
you the sea,
the writer, me.
In awe I am
in awe of messages in a bottle
now a shattered vessel
not really the life that was planned
these waters flowing through me
drops becoming words
currents becoming quick
me put back together in a new way
I go where I am sent
to regions of reality where we are saved
where Your word spoken dismembers old flasks
so Your elixer can inebriate us
Your words break us and make us new
then that mighty pen which writes them down
confounds the enemy with ammunition
and we are just glad.

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