I give thanks with my whole heart
as joy fills the space
where shadows fall away;
what is unworthy is destroyed.
Again, Beloved,
chanting Your Name
and gazing Your Way
brings me wisdom
and frees me from
 captivity in the pit
of dark distractions.
My soul was snared
in a net of my own making
till I opened my vision
to Your power.
Suffering ends.


  1. thank you Sharon, these writings are delicious for the eyes, the ears, mind soul and heart. love, Jackie

  2. Anonymous9/1/10

    Yes, like daily nourishment. I look forward to opening my mailbox each day, knowing that I will find the perfect gem to feed my soul in that moment.

    Thank you.. thank you... thank you... thank you...

    love, Beth

  3. Anonymous10/1/10

    Sharon - I continue to contemplate Psalm 9. It speaks more clearly that anything I can recall in describing the power of God's love to drive back the shadows -- to be the light that cannot be overcome.
    I shall keep enjoying it -- as one enjoys a single lovely flame.


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