I love You
my rock,
my touchstone,
my protector.
I cry out for help,
beckon intervention
from any far-flung corner of the galaxy.
Though the earth quakes,
foundations fall,
mountains tremble as if angry,
planets spew smoke,
stars fizzle, cords of death flail
in tangles of my own making
or traps set by others,
You come, Lord, You come.

Through darkness and seeming distance,
You break through clouds of black
with dazzling brightness.
All parts of me are irradiated,
all my world disintegrated.
Only You integrate all I am
into I Am.
     I Am.
     I Am
     after all
     I Am.

Your arms reach for me,
your hands are laid upon me.
You have my back.
I face every enemy within and without
with my native strength married to Yours,
one union, indivisible.
The strong and the weak
are vulnerable to the pummeling.
Friends and enemies collapse into dust,
are swept away as debris.
Vengeance is not mine,
only the sweet knowing
that when suffering is subdued,
Your songs will rise again.

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